Available in Light, Medium & Heavy Duty versions, our Open-End Punch Strippers are tough as steel, yet resilient as rubber

Open-End Punch Strippers


Open-End Punch Strippers

Featured advantages of our Open-End Punch Strippers

  • High Pressures
  • Closer Center Distances
  • High Tear Resistance
  • Oil Resistant
  • Punch Vibration Dampening
  • Easy Installation and Replacement - No need for set screws or stripper bolts.
  • No Sharpenellizing (Flying into pieces, when fractured under load) thus preventing injury to worker and damage to the die.
  • Conventional Heavy Duty Die Springs obtain up to 500 Ibs. per 1/8" deflection, compared to 2600 Ibs. per 1/8" deflection on our springs.
  • Excellent Flex Life
  • Non Marring Positive Stripping
  • Quieter Operation Than Steel

Physical Properties

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