Poly Die Pads come in two type of configurations:


POD - Designed for sharp or
radiused V-Bends.


PUD - Used for making 180 degree

U-Bends in one hit.

Poly Die Pads


PODs are square or rectangular shaped pads with a flat top designed for bending sharp or radius shaped V-Bends.

  • Sized to fit in standard steel channels that function as holders or retainers to mount on Press Brakes
  • A molded hole through the full length of the pad reduces the tonnage required & provides stress relief
  • Pads are available in lengths up to 48"
  • For longer bends, butt pieces end to end in a longer retainer
  • Punch length must be equal to or longer than the pad length, so that the punch ends do not dig into the  forming pad

PODs for Radius V-Bends

PUDs are square or Rectangular shaped Pads with a molded U-shape on the top surface, for bending 180 degree U-Bends in 1 hit.

  • The designated radius on the pad will produce the desired radius on the outside of the part being bent.
  • The Punch radius must be at least 1 material thickness smaller than the Pad radius, so that when the sheet metal springs back, it will end up with the desired outside radius on the part.

PUDs for Radius U-Bends

Add SUFFIX to Retainer Part Nos: A for American, E for Amada, T for TRUMPF

Available Compounds & Hardness:

DT-40 (70A), DT-35 (80A), DT-25(90A), DT-15(95A)

Available Compounds & Hardness:

DT-25(90A Red), DT-15(95A Amber), DT-5 ( 75D Black)

Add SUFFIX to Retainer Part Nos: A for American, E for Amada, T for TRUMPF


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