POLY-PRO Slip-On Roll Covers are made of durable Polyurethane  in several durometers. They are designed to fit on the O.D. of standard size Conveyor rollers, providing a cushioned, wear resistant, quieter system. They protect the products from damages.


Roll Covers

Slip-On Roll Covers

Standard hardnesses are 95A orange, 85A White(FDA), 60A yellow, 40A Green. These compounds are castable type polyurethane, and are more durable than other types of Extruded Polyurethanes.

To complete the part numbers, please add lengths of tubes and durometers to the above numbers.


Example: For a conveyor roll, 1.9" O.D. x 20" long. For ordering a 60A duro. Polyurethane roll cover, 22"L, 1/8" wall, p/n=PRC190-125-22-60

Installation & Installation Tool

Installation of these rollers is very simple. The I.D of these tubes are made to be slightly smaller than the O.D. of the metal Rollers, so as to provide a press-fit. By lubricating the O.D. of the rollers with a water soluble oil or a soap solution, the tubes are simply pushed on to the rollers from one end.

A special installation tool is available, that will fit on one end of the tube with a hose clamp, and by blowing air on this end, the tube will enlarge in size to make it easy to slide the tube along the length of the roller. For using this tool, the sleeves are to be 2" longer than the roller, and one end is trimmed with a razor after installation.


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